Introducing the Professional Stun Gun TW 801 - a compact yet incredibly powerful self-defense tool designed to keep you safe in challenging situations. With an impressive 5M volts (5000 Kv) discharge, this stun gun can incapacitate any aggressor swiftly and effectively, offering peace of mind when you need it most. Its small size (only 2 cm thick) makes it discreet and easy to carry in your pocket or bag, while the included black nylon case with a belt loop provides convenient portability. Equipped with a safety button for activation, this stun gun also features a practical LED light that serves as a torch. Powered by an internal NiMh rechargeable battery pack, it comes with an electric cable for easy recharging. **Product Specifications:** - Brand: TIANG WANG - Body Material: Anti-discharge and shock-resistant ABS body - Output Power: 5,000,000 volts (5000 Kv) - Light Power: White LED - Power Supply: Internal NiMh rechargeable batteries with an electric cable - Total Length: 9.5 cm - Width: 3.5 cm - Thickness: 2 cm - Weight: 89 gr - Case: Black nylon with belt loop **Important Information:** The Stun Gun TW 801 is intended solely for self-defense against illegal aggressions and attempts of theft or robbery. It offers varying degrees of shock, with effects ranging from muscle spasms and fear to temporary collapse and fainting, depending on the duration of activation. Weighing the psychological deterrent of the stun gun, many situations do not require direct contact. We advise activating the shock multiple times without approaching the aggressor, giving them a chance to retreat and avoiding physical contact. Remember, a Stun Gun is not a toy and should be used responsibly for personal safety purposes only. Keep it away from children and use it in accordance with the law and safety guidelines.

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