Introducing our lightweight and easy-to-carry Wire Saw, measuring 1 meter in total length. Designed for versatility, it effortlessly cuts through wood, plastic, bones, rubber, and soft metals, making it the perfect companion for camping and outdoor activities. Its compact size and light weight make it easily transportable in your backpack, making it an essential survival tool for hiking and camping adventures. To use, simply pull the saw away by hand and rub it back and forth on the cutting object, accomplishing the task within seconds! Crafted with precision in stainless steel, the saw's fine jigsaw ensures smooth cutting from any direction. Keep it in top condition by wiping it clean and applying food oil after each use. Available in an attractive 'galactic' color, our Wire Saw is a must-have addition to your survival backpack. Package includes: 1 * Wire Saw. Please note that other products shown in the picture are not included. Due to different displays, the color of the item may slightly vary from the real product.

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