Introducing our Sleeping Bag Ultralight Camping Waterproof Sleeping Bags - the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures during winter and cool climates. This navy blue sleeping bag is designed with comfort and functionality in mind, ensuring a warm and cozy rest wherever your journey takes you. **Features:** - Single Person Zip Hiking Camping Suit Case Envelope: This sleeping bag is designed for single-person use and can be easily zipped up to form a comfortable and secure sleeping space. - Waterproof and High-Quality Materials: The external material is made of 170T polyester taffeta fabric, ensuring durability and water resistance. The lining is also made of 170T polyester, providing a soft and comfortable interior. - Thickened and Warm Hollow Cotton Filling: The sleeping bag is filled with 200g/m2 of warm hollow cotton, which efficiently retains heat, keeping you warm even in chilly temperatures. - Versatile Design: The sleeping bag can be unzipped and opened flat, doubling as a cozy blanket for versatile use. - Adjustable Hat with Thicken Filling: The hat is thicken filled to improve comfort by 150%. It also features an adjustable strap to protect your head from wind and cold, enhancing the warm effect. - Compact and Lightweight: Easy to roll up into the included compressing sack, this sleeping bag is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry during your outdoor trips. - Temperature Range: Suitable for temperatures ranging from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius (41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit), depending on the surroundings and personal comfort level. **Specification:** - Color: Navy Blue - Size: 180*30*75CM - Packaging: Special compact bag with adjustable strap for easy carrying - External Material: 170T Polyester Taffeta Fabric - Lining: 170T Polyester - Filling: Hollow Cotton 200g/m2 - Weight: 700g - Temperature Range: 5-20°C (41-68°F) Experience comfort and warmth during your camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures with our Sleeping Bag Ultralight Camping Waterproof Sleeping Bags. Embrace the convenience of its compact design and the assurance of a cozy night's sleep even in cooler conditions. Get yours now and enjoy the ultimate outdoor sleeping experience!

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