Features: 1.Made of high quality breathable stretch nylon and high-performance microfiber materials ,durable and wear resistance, comfy to wear without tightness. 2.Half-finger style and full finger gloves for sale. Full finger gloves can warm your hands better in cold weather. Half-finger style is keeping warm while makes sure the fingers can also move flexibly 3.Exquisite stitching, comfortable ventilated material and adjustable wrist design to provide comfort and support 4.Palm damping pads can effectively relieve pressure, upgrade abrasion resistance, and reduce palm injuries during exercise 5.Simple and stylish design matches bright color.It is an ideal gloves for hunting, tactical training, outdoor, horse riding, biking, fighting, hiking and many other sports. Specification: Material: Nylon Lycra Color: black / army green Style: full finger gloves

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