Introducing the M-Pact Gloves - versatile, durable, and designed for various sports and outdoor activities. These fingerless half finger gloves are engineered with high-quality microfiber fabric and feature a buffered rubber knuckle for added protection during intense use. **Product Highlights:** - Durable Microfiber Fabric: The gloves are crafted with high-quality microfiber fabric, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability during outdoor adventures and sports activities. - Reinforced Palm: The reinforced panel on the palm enhances durability, making these gloves suitable for tough tasks and activities. - Complete Protection: These gloves offer complete protection, making them ideal for tactical use, military applications, hunting, motorcycle riding, hiking, work, fishing, running, gardening, and more. **Product Details:** - Material: Microfiber, Nylon, Rubber Knuckle - Color Options: Black, Camouflage - Size: Due to manual measurement, there may be a slight discrepancy (0.12 inches). - Package Includes: 1 pair of gloves Experience the versatility and reliability of the M-Pact Gloves. From tactical missions and military applications to outdoor sports and leisure activities, these gloves offer the protection and comfort you need. Embrace the quality of microfiber fabric and the added buffer of the rubber knuckle, ensuring optimal performance during various tasks and adventures. Upgrade your gear with these fingerless half finger gloves, and tackle any challenge with confidence and ease.

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