Introducing our Large Size Folding Best Quality Umbrella - a reliable and stylish companion to shield you from the rain and sun. This three-fold umbrella features a durable and high-quality design, making it the perfect choice for your daily use. **Specifications:** - Umbrella Cloth Material: Impact Cloth - Umbrella Cloth Glued: None - Umbrella Cloth Density: 190T - Umbrella Rib Material: Steel - Medium Rod Material: Steel - Umbrella Handle Material: EVA - Number of Ribs: 8 Bones - Open Mode: Automatic - Umbrella Retraction: Manual - Style: Three-Fold Umbrella - Colors Available: Wine Red, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Black, Coffee **Features:** - Large Size and Folding Design: This umbrella offers ample coverage while remaining foldable for easy carrying and storage when not in use. - Durable and High-Quality: The impact cloth and steel materials ensure durability and reliability during inclement weather conditions. - Comfortable Grip: The EVA handle provides a comfortable grip for extended use. - Automatic Open: The umbrella features an automatic open mechanism for quick and effortless deployment. Stay prepared for unexpected weather changes with our Large Size Folding Best Quality Umbrella. Choose from a variety of stylish colors to suit your preferences and stay protected from rain and sun on your daily commutes or outdoor adventures. Invest in this reliable and convenient umbrella, and never worry about getting caught unprepared in the rain again.

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