Introducing the HY X10 Folding Telescopic Taser - a state-of-the-art self-defense device designed to provide personal safety and peace of mind. This folding and telescopic taser offers a compact and discreet solution, making it easy to carry and access when needed. **Product Features:** - Folding and Telescopic Design: The HY X10 Taser features a unique folding and telescopic design, allowing for easy portability and concealment. When folded, it becomes compact and pocket-friendly, making it ideal for personal carry. - Telescopic Extension: With the ability to extend, this taser provides added reach, enabling you to defend yourself from a safe distance. - Powerful Electric Shock: The HY X10 delivers a powerful electric shock upon activation, incapacitating potential threats and providing valuable time to escape dangerous situations. - Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this taser ensures that it remains ready for use, providing reliability in times of need. - User-Friendly Operation: The taser is designed for easy and intuitive operation, ensuring quick response in emergency situations. Stay prepared and protected with the cutting-edge technology of the HY X10 Folding Telescopic Taser. Whether you're walking alone at night or seeking additional security during outdoor activities, this self-defense device offers a non-lethal option to deter and incapacitate aggressors. Embrace personal safety with this discreet and powerful taser, designed to keep you safe and in control. Please note that taser laws and regulations may vary by region, so ensure you understand and comply with local laws before purchasing and using this product.

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