Adjustable AntiShock Hiking Stick Trekking Walking and Travel Stick Description: Its the most important equipment if you are planning a hiking trip.This stick is made up of high strength aluminium alloy which makes it durable and corrosion resistant.You can adjust its size .It has an ergonomic comfortable. Hiking Stick with anti-shock mechanism, which reduces stress and body weight on knees, thighs, shoulders and lower back Easy Twist lock system Made of lightweight aluminum metal, strong and light weighted 4-Section adjustable telescopic pole. Adjustable length from approximately 20 " to 43 " (51cm to 110cm) Ergonomic grip handle, comfortable feel Adjustable wrist strap provides support for your arm Removable trekking (mud/snow) basket to prevent the manganese tip from sinking into soft dirt or sand Hard Steel Tip with Removable Rubber Ferrule, protect the hiking stick Can be easily carried in a backpack when retracted Suitable for people of all sizes Color : Black / Red / Blue / Silver Package Includes: 1 x Hiking Stick

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