Introducing our Card Knife - the Black Tactical Sharp Blade Knife designed to be compact, versatile, and ready for action. This innovative card-shaped knife is the ultimate EDC (Everyday Carry) tool that can fit in your wallet, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. **Product Highlights:** - Compact and Portable: The card knife's slim and sleek design allows it to fit perfectly in your wallet, making it the ideal EDC tool for quick and convenient access. - Tactical Black Finish: The knife features a sharp and durable black blade with a tactical look, adding a touch of style to its functionality. - Versatile Utility: Despite its small size, this card knife can handle a variety of tasks, such as cutting ropes, opening boxes, or performing light-duty cutting jobs. Whether you need a reliable tool for everyday tasks or an emergency cutting instrument, our Card Knife has you covered. Its compact size, tactical design, and sharp blade make it a valuable addition to your EDC gear, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever comes your way. Please note that knife laws and regulations may vary by region, so ensure you understand and comply with local laws before purchasing and carrying this product. Safety and responsible usage are always paramount when handling any sharp tool.

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